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Charlotte Dentistry® Expands Insurance Acceptance

Health insurance.Charlotte Dentistry has begun accepting AETNA Insurance, along with Ameritus Dental Insurance and United Health Care Dental PPO. We have accepted the traditional United Health Care plan in the past but now have added the PPO plan.

This is a move that will benefit a number of our patients, and make it possible for many new patients to take advantage of Charlotte Dentistry’s professional expertise and experience.

Charlotte Dentistry accepts a spectrum of insurance plans and also offers financing thru programs like CareCredit to help patients who do not have dental insurance.

Charlotte Dentistry also welcomes patients (and potential patients) to inquire about the benefits available on their dental health plans. We find that often, people don’t take full advantage of care offered (especially preventative care) that is covered. Charlotte Dentistry even participates in employer health fair events and provides counsel to employees on how to get maximum value from dental plans.

Have questions about the coverage in your dental plan? Call us at 704-376-6470 or use the “Ask the Expert” feature on our website to learn more. We are happy to help.

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