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Maddie’s Crooked Past to a Straight Future

MaddisonEver since I was a teenager I haven’t felt comfortable with my smile and didn’t like to share it with everyone. I had always been a very outgoing person and loved to be around other people to have a good time. While doing that, laughing and smiling are kind of a necessity, unless you want to be the “Debbie Downer” of the group. I never wanted to be that person, so I, well, grinned and bared it.

My journey from my crooked past to the not-so-far-away straight future started at the 91.9 Faith, Family, and Freedom Fourth of July concert. I had just gotten back from a youth concert in Florida, and some friends invited me to go along. Even though I was tired, I said yes because it sounded like a lot of fun. When I got there, it was hot and crowded, but the air seemed different. I felt extremely happy to be there, and the people around me where from all ages and races, but we all felt a distant family. I had gotten my red velvet funnel cake, sat in my seat, and began to watch the multiple, extremely talented singers do what they were called to do. In between the change of performers they played some commercials, and the Charlotte Dentistry® commercial came on, and I got to hear the wonderful story of Dr. Armstrong and his 15 adopted children. I was so moved by his love for children and most of all his love for God. I just had to go see the booth that was set up behind the bleachers. I walked up to the table, and a woman asked me if I would like to enter the free Invisalign contest. I thought, “How cool would it be if I won?” I had dreamed of Invisalign for years but being from such a large family on a single income, there was not much room for pretty teeth. I entered the contest and walked away thinking not much about it because I didn’t think I had much of a shot to win. A few weeks later I was checking my emails on my phone and opened the email from Charlotte Dentistry thinking they had just emailed me to let me know I had not won. Once I read the email I almost threw the phone across the room in excitement! I flew down the stairs yelling, “MOM! MOM! WHERE ARE YOU? MOM!!” Of course she thought that I was having a heart attack and yelled at me later for that, but after asking me what was wrong, I handed her the phone and told her to read it for herself. She and I both stood there looking at each other, and she asked me if this was real. I told her I had no clue what was going on. After taking a few breaths, I decided to call number in the email and see if what I just read was at all true. I think it’s safe to say that once I heard the receptionists on the phone know who I was just by my name, I might have blown her eardrums. I screamed and shouted and pretty much let it all out. My once crooked path was looking straighter and straighter by the second.

The first visit I had with Charlotte Dentistry was what I’d like to call an “adventure.” I could not find my car keys, and after 15 minutes of searching, I took my brother’s keys to his car and took his instead. This was my first visit, which I was so excited about, and desperately wanted to be on time. Well, the plans in life change don’t they? I had no idea how to get there and was following directions on my phone trying to weave in and out of the awful traffic. Classic Charlotte traffic is all that I can say about that. So, I pulled into the parking lot an hour late, practically running in to the building. I sat down for only a few moments before they whisked me down the hallway where I planned to beg for their forgiveness for being late. I apologized for about the first 15 minutes, until she brought out a machine with a magic wand attached to it. She used this wand to take pictures of every single tooth that would later be used to build my trays off of. I was blown away by the technology, but mostly by the pretty colors that came out of the wand to take the 3D images. After the photos were taken, I finally got to meet Dr. Armstrong. I was initially very nervous about meeting the doctor. After hearing some many wonderful things about him, I was unsure how to act, so I settled on myself and eternally grateful. After meeting with Dr. Armstrong and one of his children, we took photos, and I was released back into the wild for three weeks but asked to return to get my new trays.

After three very anticipated weeks, I arrived (on time I might add) to my appointment to receive my trays. I was so excited and couldn’t wait. I sat in the chair and talked with the nicest woman I had ever met in a doctor’s office. We talked and laughed for a while looking at pictures of her little dogs. I got my trays, and she showed me how to put them in and take them out. I was so pumped to get home and start my straight path leaving crooked teeth in the past. The next few days were not my best memories. The trays were an unexpected pain that I had not prepared myself for. For some reason, I assumed they would be comfortable and not at all painful. The trays were not completely smoothed down in certain spots and gave me some trouble the next few days. I went back that Friday, and they fixed everything for me and only treated me with the type of kindness that is very seldom found. The trays continued to push and pull my teeth, but I remembered that this would only be for a few days, and there was such a thing as Advil. It became my best friend. The trays took some getting used to, but now I feel incomplete when I take them off. My last visit was to get my new set of trays. I got in there and had a few minor things done to my teeth to make room for them, and in walks another wonderful lady who asked me to write a blog about my experience. Well here I am, writing a blog and playing with my Invisalign, which I do most of the time. I also got to speak to Dr. Armstrong and had a wonderful conversation. There are only wonderful things to say about this office, and I can’t wait until my next visit. My journey hasn’t been long, only about 14 weeks, but it has been something I will never forget and something I can only call a blessing.

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