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Digital Impressions with Digital Imaging System


individual set for teeth whiteningDental impressions have traditionally been a messy, uncomfortable business. Mold putty was mixed, packed into the patient’s mouth, and allowed to harden. If everything went right, an impression that could be used for crowns, bridges, or Invisalign was collected. If not, the whole process had to be done again.

But now, Charlotte Dentistry® has eliminated the mess, gagging, and re-impress time from the impression process. The practice uses new digital impression imaging technology from Invisalign/Cadent/Itero to map patients’ teeth, not only simplifying the process but getting much more accurate impressions at the same time.

The Invisalign/Itero system uses a hand held laser to map the contours of teeth and gums, recording more than 100,000 data points and providing over 300 different focal depths of information. Vocal prompts from the system guide the dentist so that a complete digital record is obtained. If the system detects a missed area, a re-scan can be done immediately. The process takes about five minutes, and the patient can even watch the image of his or her teeth appear on the computer screen.

The system then maps a highly detailed three-dimensional model of the tooth, ready to be sent to the lab so that crowns or Invisalign can be made. Charlotte Dentistry is also one of the few practices in the nation that has its own in-house dental lab, which speeds the process of making crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures and helps ensure better accuracy and quality.

“This is an amazing step ahead,” said Dr. Thomas Armstrong of Charlotte Dentistry. “For the dentist, it dramatically speeds up the process of taking an impression, and it gives us much more precise models resulting in perfectly fitting crown, bridges, veneers and Invisalign. For the patient, it shortens the wait time by sending digital impressions, and you don’t have a big lump of material in your mouth. Everybody benefits.”

Also Used for Invisalign® Invisible Braces

Charlotte Dentistry is among the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the nation. Charlotte Dentistry is one of the few in the country to use iTero digital imaging technology for Invisalign invisible braces.

“Invisalign uses clear inserts, or “trays” to gently move teeth into proper alignment. This requires detailed impressions create the progression needed for the treatment to work. Digital imaging system gives us incredible information, so that we can make sure our Invisalign patients get the fastest, most effective results,” said Dr. Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong noted that with digital imaging, turnaround time for trays is significantly reduced, and the fit is much better.

The iTero digital system enhances this function as well, by eliminating the step of having to create a computer model from the physical mold.

“Everything is faster and more accurate,” Dr. Armstrong said. “That makes this a ‘win, win’ for everyone.

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