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Do’s and Don’ts For Using An Electric Toothbrush

Families have been brushing their teeth with the proverbial manual toothbrush for decades. Manual brushing was the traditional way to clean teeth and maintain a healthy smile. Today there is another way to get clean, shiny, healthy teeth.

The electric toothbrush proves to be the best source for removing plaque buildup at home. Oral B offers an entire collection of Oral B series toothbrushes, with the power to clean even the most stubborn teeth.

eletrictoothbrushOral B: Easy, Convenient and Ready to Use

Using an electric toothbrush is convenient, but like any other device, it can cause damage if used improperly. Most dentists recommend brushing with an Oral B toothbrush because of its powerful oscillating, sweeping motion. The Oral B toothbrush removes plaque and cleans hard to reach areas in the mouth in a matter of seconds. Children and adults can experience cleaner, fresher teeth and healthier gums when they brush their teeth regularly.

Oral B manufactures both electric and manual toothbrushes and provides easy to use instructions. For instance, Oral B stages toothbrushes are recommended specifically for children of all ages. The series are designed to meet the growing needs of children as they mature.

Oral care is vital, and good brushing habits begin at home at the time of birth and continue throughout a child’s lifetime. Parents and children should develop a consistent routine of brushing their teeth.

Do’s of Using An Oral B Electric Toothbrush
•    Do replace the refill brush in the electric toothbrush every 3 months or sooner
•    Do replace the brush when the bristles wear down or begin to shed
•    Do discard any used toothbrush after a serious illness, such as a cold or flu
•    Do brush the tongue as it is part of maintaining a healthy mouth
•    Do purchase an electric toothbrush with a sensor alert to prevent overbrushing

Don’ts of Using an Oral B Electric Toothbrush
•    Do not share a toothbrush with anyone for any reason
•    Do not allow children to use the electric toothbrush for more than 5 minutes to avoid over stimulating the gums
•    Do not attempt to use an electric toothbrush without prior knowledge of how it works
•    Do not use an electric toothbrush head that is too small or too large

Safety tips on using an electric toothbrush:

Start by brushing at least two or three outer surface teeth at a time. Use a gentle circular motion and gently move to the next set of teeth. Tilt the brush in an angle and brush the inner or insides of the teeth in short up and down vertical strokes.

Choose from several models of brush heads that are suited for children and adults. Most Oral B toothbrush heads are compatible with most brush handles. It is best to choose an electric toothbrush based on performance and not its price. Although some electric toothbrushes can be expensive, compared to the cost of dental treatment, Oral B products are reasonably priced.

Visit a Local Charlotte Dentist: Get Educated

Individuals who are not familiar with electric toothbrushes and how they work can obtain instructions from Charlotte Dentistry®.  If you or a family member are looking for a reliable, dependable and knowledgeable dentist call or visit Charlotte Dentistry® today.

Patients gain more knowledge and understanding of oral hygiene and how important it is to brush, rinse and floss teeth regularly. Clean, healthy, disease-free teeth start with choosing the right Oral B electric toothbrush.

The best electric toothbrush is the one that provides powerful circular cleaning motions. That is why millions of dentists recommend using Oral B products and millions of patients listen.

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