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Is Your Smile Ready for Spring?


Most of us are pumped about the rapid arrival of spring (though not the rapid arrival of allergies). But is your smile ready for spring? It’s something to think about, since your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. Charlotte Dentistry® is here to help you get your smile perfect for spring!

Why You Must Clean Your Teeth in the Spring

It is of vital important to get your teeth cleaned within the first 3 months of each year. Teeth can be stained extensively over the holidays, not to mention with normal daily activities like drinking coffee or tea. If you get your teeth cleaned sometime between January and March, you can start off the year fresh and have your six-month appointment in place to clean your teeth for the end of the year. Make sure to keep up this habit by scheduling your next sixth month appointment before leaving the office.

What to Do at Your Spring Teeth Cleaning

Once you get your teeth cleaning appointment scheduled, make sure to share your concerns and desires with your dentist. After reviewing your x-rays, checking your bite, and examining each tooth, your dentist will recommend the best treatment plan to meet your needs going forward.

Addressing Issues and Concerns During Your Cleaning

Teeth cleanings are also a great time to spot and treat any issues that may arise, such as tooth sensitivity or cavities. Cavities are quickly removed by composites (white fillings), root canal therapy and/or crowns. Your visit can be a great time to review your overall dental hygiene and plan the best maintenance regiment to keep your teeth white and your breath fresh.

A Time to Straighten Your Teeth

During your teeth cleaning, you may find that you want to straighten your teeth. Your dentist can recommend the right procedure to straighten your smile, such as braces are needed or Invisalign®. At some dental offices, both procedures cost the same and are virtually the same length of treatment. The biggest difference is that Invisalign® provides the flexibility of removal for enjoying your favorite foods, not to mention being completely transparent and unnoticeable in photographs or while talking and smiling. The importance of straightening your teeth cannot be overstated, since it can help prevent cavities due to the overcrowding, overlapping, and positioning of teeth.

Don’t Wait! Schedule Your Teeth Cleaning with Us Today!

Taking care of your teeth during your teeth cleaning will ensure that you are ready for spring, summer, and all the fun events you have planned throughout the year! The secret to your smile and overall dental health is developing a relationship with a dental professional at Charlotte Dentistry®. Give us a call today to schedule your teeth cleaning this spring!

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