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Why Invisalign® Makes So Much Sense For Your Teen

InvisalignAndToothbrushIf you are like most parents whose teen is in need of straightening their teeth, you probably get nagged on a regular basis about finding a solution. Nowadays, teenagers do not want to wear traditional braces when it’s possible to avoid them. They aren’t very attractive, they can be uncomfortable to wear, and they can even be dangerous when it comes to meal time.

Thanks to solutions like Invisalign®, there really is no need for your teen to be bogged down with metal braces. There are actually quite a few benefits for teens to take advantage of when using Invisalign to straighten their teeth. Following are some of the most notable:

No Embarrassment
Teens who use Invisalign typically find that other people can’t tell that they are wearing anything on their teeth at all. This offers them the freedom to straighten their teeth without feeling embarrassed at school, especially at lunch time. Less embarrassment usually results in more willingness for your teen to go through with a teeth straightening regimen.

Ease of Maintenance
One of the biggest benefits of using Invisalign for both parents and teens alike is how easy it is to take care of the aligners. They can be easily taken out of the mouth to be cleaned (a quick brush is all it takes) unlike their metal counterparts. The aligners can be quickly popped out for brushing and flossing, and then popped back in again so your teen can get on with life. There are no special steps that have to be taken in order to maintain the aligners.

Increased Enjoyment at Mealtime
There is no need to stay away from certain foods just because your teenager is using Invisalign to straighten their teeth. The aligners can be taken out during all meals and snacks. This makes it possible for teenagers to eat whatever pleases their palettes without fear of getting foods stuck in their braces. Popcorn, gum, and even hard candies can all be enjoyed without consequence to your teen’s teeth straightening efforts.

Improved Aesthetics
Let’s face it- most teenagers are more worried about their looks than they are about their school work. Helping them to look their best by improving the aesthetics of their teeth can provide them with self-confidence and a better perception of themselves. Improving your teenager’s tooth composition is also a great way to encourage proper dental care, as they will surely want to take care of their new smile once their Invisalign treatment has been completed.

Benefits Parents Can Enjoy
One of the biggest reasons parents choose Invisalign as a solution to their teenager’s teeth straightening needs is because they are traditionally more affordable than traditional braces. They do not require any special tuning or adjustments, which means minimal time spent for treatments at the dentist’s office. You will also find that your teen is a lot happier throughout the teeth straightening process which makes for a more positive atmosphere at home overall. Happy Teen… Happy Parent!

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