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3 Good Reasons to Scrape Your Tongue

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You probably take care of your teeth and gums, but what about your tongue? That’s a large surface to leave uncleaned, and the best way to take care of it is by using a tongue scraper. That may sound like torture, but it’s actually an easy step to help improve your oral health. Once you start to scrape, what you see coming off of your tongue will convince you to keep it up! The bumps on your tongue are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. They, along with dead cells and other debris, form a coating that isn’t easily removed without a tongue scraper.

Benefits for Your Tongue

The following are three good reasons to scrape your tongue:

Improves dental health

When it comes to oral health, bacteria is the enemy. The less bacteria you have in your mouth, the less likely you are to have issues with cavities and gum disease.

Improves breath

Built-up bacteria, food particles, dead cells, and even fungi on your tongue can make your breath less-than-pleasant. Scraping your tongue helps rid your tongue of this coating and reduces your chance of having bad breath.

Improves taste

If your taste buds are coated with that unappealing mix of bacteria and other gunk, they’re standing between you and that luscious piece of chocolate or your other favorite foods. Getting rid of the coating with enable you to better taste your foods.

How to Use a Tongue Scraper

If you’ve decided to start using a tongue scraper, it only take a few seconds a day. Plastic and metal scrapers are available, so find one that you’re comfortable using and that does a good job of eliminating the gunk. You can use it at any time, but if you scrape in the morning, your mouth will feel fresh to start the day.

It takes just a short amount of time to scrape your tongue effectively with these steps:

  • Rinse your scraper before using it.
  • Gently scrape from the back or base of the tongue toward the front, using one long stroke. Cover the whole surface of your tongue in this way.
  • Rinse your scraper when you’re done.

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