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Three Myths About Dental Implants

Tooth human implant (done in 3d graphics)

If you’ve lost a permanent tooth, your dentist has probably suggested getting an implant to fill the space left behind. Implants are exactly what they sound like; a screw is implanted into the jaw in the space where the missing tooth had been, and a cap that looks like a regular tooth is added on top of that. An implant can save you a lot of oral health trouble later on, but there are a number of myths that surround them. Here are three myths and the truths that should take their place.

Your Jaw Won’t Accept the Implant

The Myth: Some people think their jaws are too small for implants, meaning that there isn’t enough vertical room to hold the screw properly. This does bring up unpleasant imagery regarding the bottom of your jaw.

The Facts: It is untrue that you’re not going to have enough bone space. Even if you don’t have a lot of bone, or there are density issues, you can still look into mini-implants, which are smaller versions that may fit.

You’ll Be in a Lot of Pain

The Myth: The description of the implant procedure sounds shocking: drilling into bone, placing a screw in there, having the wound only temporarily capped for months. It sounds like a recipe for painful disaster, but that is really not what happens.

The Facts: Yes, you do have a screw implanted into your jaw, but under anesthesia, and the implant is given a good-quality cap that looks like a real tooth while your jaw heals. You do have to be careful chewing on that side for a while, but that’s no worse than if you had a cavity filled.

Implants Move Like Other Teeth

The Myth: There’s a fear that the dental implant is going to start floating around in your jaw, much as your regular teeth move around over the years.

The Facts:  Implants are rather sturdy in this regard and tend to stay in place. It is possible that as you age, your jawbone density will change, but that would happen even if you didn’t have an implant.

If you have more questions about the dental implant procedure or would like to discuss mini-implants, contact Charlotte Dentistry. Schedule a consultation with us so you can get full details on what the procedure requires.

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