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Make Flossing Fun with WaterPiks

Have you repeatedly tried to get into the habit of flossing but just can’t? Poor dexterity, over crowding, limited opening or losing circulation in your finger tips every time you floss make you just want to throw in the towel?

Let me suggest a WaterPik. This past Christmas, one found its way into my home. Being an avid flosser, I was skeptical, but with a family member’s new implant and bridge work, I decided to look into the health benefits.

Water picks do a great job of flushing food, debris, plaque and tarter out from between teeth, under braces and arch wires, and especially under and around fixed bridge work and implants. They also help to clean out deep periodontal pockets and bacteria in hard to get areas. Don’t get me wrong, WaterPiks don’t replace flossing, but if traditional flossing isn’t a viable option, they will greatly enhance your oral health.

I have to admit, the first couple times I used the WaterPik I gave myself a shower (it takes a little getting used to), but I got quickly got the hang of it. I’ll never give up daily flossing, but there is a great benefit of adding the water pick to my daily routine.


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