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Tobacco and Your Oral Health

Maintaining good oral health is as important as maintaining good physical health. Millions of people neglect their teeth, fail to visit their dentist and later live to regret it. Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and for some people they do. However, there are other people who lose their teeth due to numerous reasons, including poor oral care.

Regular visits to the dentist office can prevent most minor and major problems, provided they are caught early. The dentist uses modern dental technology and advanced dental equipment to locate and treat potential problems including oral cancer.

One of the biggest contributors to most oral diseases such as oral cancer is tobacco use. Use of tobacco products can cause lung, throat, and mouth cancer. Mouth cancer affects the lips, gums, inside cheeks and the roof of the mouth. It can cause abnormal bleeding, sores and small ulcers.

Smoking cessation treatment methods are available for people who want to quit smoking.  The dentist may recommend patients to stop smoking based on the outcome of their oral exam. Cigarette smoking contributes to:

  • Delayed healing process following a surgery procedure
  • Increase in gum disease and loose teeth
  • Bone density decrease in the jaw
  • Plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth
  • Unpleasant breathe
  • Discolored teeth
  • Salivary gland inflammation

Safety is not in the packaging

The debate about whether or not e-cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes leave consumers confused. Are electronic cigarettes really safer to smoke than tobacco filled cigarettes? These are just one of the many questions consumers want to know.  If the truth be told, e-cigarettes are just as harmful.

E-cigarettes contain no tobacco, and whether or not the synthetic vapors contain cancer causing agents is still debated. E-cigarettes still contain some chemicals that are synthetic in nature. Until the FDA has determined that the ingredients inside E-cigarettes are safe, consumers should assume that e-cigarettes are just as bad for their health as traditional cigarettes.

Oral Tissue Damage

Tobacco products lead to gum inflammation which leads to other problems. Cigarette smoke interferes with the healing process, and impairs the blood flow to healthy gum tissue. Dentist will typically examine the tongue, cheeks and oral cavity for lesions present in patients who use tobacco.

Patients who use tobacco should check the mouth for minor problems or changes monthly. Seeking professional assistance as soon as there is a change, contact your dentist before the problem becomes severe. The more information people are exposed to the better choices they tend to make. Everyone wants pretty healthy teeth. Begin investing today in your oral health by eliminating the use of tobacco products.

If you use tobacco and haven’t had a cleaning in 6 months, give a call to Charlotte Dentistry®. They can help you work toward improving your dental health.

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