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Toothpaste Hacks

Being in the dental field, I’m obsessed with all things dental. Yes, smiles are the first thing I notice about a person. It’s a part and parcel of the trade. So, when I kept seeing all these tips and hacks on Pinterest (another obsession) for other uses for toothpaste, I was intrigued. At first it was three things you can use toothpaste for other then brushing your teeth, then 10 things, and 20, who knew?! I took that as a personal challenge; the gauntlet had been thrown down.

So for toothpaste challenge #1, lets start with a timely one for me, “How to remove a water rings/marks off furniture”. The other night when I had my tea, I didn’t see a coaster so I used a paper magazine insert instead, not a good decision – instant water mark.

See example #1

I remembered what I saw on Pinterest and typed Toothpaste Hacks, several similar pins came up immediately.

All I needed was toothpaste, (NOT A GEL) and a clean cloth.

I got my trusty Colgate paste in hand, I placed it on the stain and let it sit for a minute, then I GENTLY rubbed it off (They warned: Rub only the mark, NOT the un-stained area).

Easy-peasy right? GENTLY I buffed the watermark and poof … little to no change.

See example #2

That was too simple to mess up. Not sure what I did wrong, let me try it again. This time I reached for another favorite, Crest.

Paste on, wait a minute, GENTLY buff of … a nothing again.

At this point I would show you example #3, but it looks exactly like example #2, so see example #2 again.

This for me was a definite MISS. Anyway, I finally found a way to make the water mark virtually disappear.

I turned the table around until the water mark was in the back corner and than placed a lamp over it.

Lesson learned? Always have extra coasters on hand!

Until next time, keep the toothpaste on your teeth and keep smiling.

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