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The Link Between the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

So just how did the Easter Bunny come to be the symbol of the Easter Holiday and why does he have eggs?

The early church, some say, did not allow the eating of eggs during Lent, others say they were off limits just the week before Easter (Holy Week). The eggs were saved, decorated and given to the children on Easter morning as a gift and referred to as, Holy Week Eggs.

The rabbit is known for, shall we say, having a lot of bunnies quickly. So the rabbit became known as a symbol of new life. Ok, I understand the bunnies, new life, new beginnings, and saving the eggs as a treat on Easter morning. So how did they get together?

One theory on how the two came together is the Anglo-Saxon fertility goddess “Eostre” loved children so much, that every year she would change her pet bird into a hare and it would lay colored eggs as gifts for the children. However, according to German’ immigrants are credited with bringing the “Osterhase,” an egg laying hare to Pennsylvania in the 1700’s.

The children would make nests in their bonnets or caps and leave out carrots in hopes that the Osterhase would leave gifts of decorated eggs as a gift for their good behavior. Soon, this tradition spread across the United States. The nests became Easter baskets and the goodies inside, included chocolate candies and gifts.

Russian royalty took it to a whole new level in the 19th century and started decorating their eggs with precious jewels. Must have been good to be Russian Royals. That’s too rich for my blood, and I would much rather eat a Cadbury Creme egg!

Easter is a time of new birth and new beginnings, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We hope you all have a very, Blessed and Happy Easter.

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