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Are water flossers beneficial?

What You Ought to Know about Water Flossers

Your teeth are irreplaceable assets, so you need to protect and maintain them. A visit to the dentist is a hernia for many people. Therefore, good oral hygine practices are a must-do; it pays off. Some of your dental oral health care needs can be done from the convenience of your home. If you’re a bit like me, then string-styled flossing is time-consuming and could easily be tossed down a to-do list because of a fast-paced lifestyle. Here are 6 reasons why Water Flossers work well:

Clinical Studies: Research carried out on dental health care, independently, and laboratory studies reveal a 50% increment on general oral health and care, this more so when traditional flossing is compared to water flossing.

Also, water flossers are actually combative for:

  1. Gum diseases such as gingivitis: according to Barnes et al., (2005) this went upward by 52% in this particular area of dental conditions
  2. Bleeding gums
  3. Eradicating plaque

Variety: Water flossers come with a functional number of tips to meet your needs. These tips will:

  1. Act as a toothbrush
  2. Cleanse any build-up on your tongue as well as freshen your breathe
  3. Meet your orthodontic needs
  4. Dislodge plaque

Efficient and Clean: Traditional string floss has its limitations which are made up for in water flossers, for instance:

  1. The jet of water is set at a gentle yet effective level, so it’s not abrasive to your teeth and/or gums. It is safe and kinder
  2. The pressure in the jet of water reaches those hard-to-reach spots
  3. The safe pressure actually dislodges and removes all manner of particles in between your teeth and on your gums
  4. Water flossers are less messy than commonly used teeth cleaning implements
  5. Toothpicks and string-styled floss are more abrasive as you try to remove/clean stubborn bits and pieces
  6. One stop cleaning: the steady jet of water cleans not only the gums and the teeth but also the arches and the sides of the mouth, flushing out impurities that may cause bad breath

Convenience: Water flossers a delightful necessity because they are:

  • Light
  • Electronic
  • Portable
  • Practical when you travel
  • Small as an electric toothbrush
  • Available for kids, well designed for easy maneuver

Time and Money: Simple dental health done at home:

  • You need technique and time to use string-styled floss
  • You don’t have to invest in an expensive gadget to maintain good oral dental hygiene and care
  • You’ll cut down on your dental bills

Scope: Water flossers work across the board meeting almost all your dental needs. These include your crowns, dentures, braces, whether you have permanent implants or removable ones.

It’s good practice for you to visit your dentist twice a year for a good general check-up and cleaning, and if other complicated dental needs arise. However, you have a lot going for your oral dental care if you invest in a good water flosser and sugar-free toothpaste.

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