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Silver Fillings Conspiracy Theories part I

In the field of dentistry, there are many treatments and procedures that some patients find troublesome or worrisome. Sometimes, these fears are founded and others are not and can cause problems. Patients often refuse treatments or needed care based on stories they have heard that may not be true or have evidence from dental patients rather than the dental professionals themselves. Not trusting dentists and medical professionals in general has grown swiftly in recent years, due largely to the fact that many medications, treatments, and devices in medicine have been shown to be unsafe or to cause serious health issues in patients. Add to that the fact that many patients are resistant to dental care in general, and serious problems begin to develop.

Among the treatments under fire in recent years are amalgam/silver fillings. Amalgam fillings have a long history in the dental field. The first mercury-based amalgam filling was invented back in the year 1818 by Joseph Bell, a British chemist. From there amalgam fillings have developed and changed, but the controversy surrounding them has not. Ever since they were first invented, there have been people who speak out against amalgam fillings for several reasons. Even today, this is a topic of debate.

There seems to be a thought that is popular among patients and certain activist groups about amalgam/silver fillings, they claim that these fillings are bad for patient health, toxic, and even life-threatening. The amalgam conspiracy theories can range from being based on pseudo-scientific (a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method) statements and “research” that has not been verified or tested to completely make up theories that seem to come out of nowhere. By getting to know more about how the claims that amalgam fillings are dangerous have come to be, you can better understand how they are untrue so that dental patients do not miss out on a treatment option that could help them.


Stay tuned for the concluding chapter of Silver Fillings Conspiracy Theories.

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