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Silver Fillings Conspiracy Theories part II

On our last blog, we were discussing the popular belief that amalgam/silver fillings are dangerous for our health. On today’s blog will talk about the theories form by pseudo-scientific research.

First, it is important to understand the “research” behind the amalgam filling claims. None of the research that is used by these conspiracy theorists is considered to be scientific. In other words, the research does not follow the rules in the science community that official studies should be peer-reviewed and verified by other researchers who can do the same research themselves and get the same results. In fact, all of the scientific research submitted to agencies including the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has shown that amalgam fillings are safe for adults and children ages 6 and up.

Of course, the conspiracy theorist answer for the FDA’s position is that the FDA is an agency that does not have the interests of patients at heart, but rather the interests of corporations and drug companies that produce such devices (and who are lobbyists and financial contributors to political campaigns). However, the researchers who perform the studies that the FDA looks at are separate from the agency, meaning their research findings are not influenced by the companies that may or may not have influence over the FDA. All of the scientific research evidence shows that the mercury in amalgam filling is not harmful to patients.

Another line of thought in the amalgam conspiracy theories is that dentists are intentionally trying to harm their patients and the public as a whole. This, of course, is just not true. Dentists are also dental patients themselves and have families and loved ones who receive dental care. They are also human beings with hearts and feelings and are not the evil sadists that popular culture often makes them out to be. As such, there is no truth behind the idea that dentists would do harm to their patients on purpose.

The final point often brought up by amalgam conspiracy theorists is that dentists only offer amalgam fillings because they make more money in doing so. However, this assumes that dentists only care about how much money they make and not by the well-being of their patients. Once again, this assumes that all dentists are the same and that none of them are capable of sympathy, empathy, or compassion toward their patients. This is completely inaccurate and only serves to play off of people’s existing fears of dental work.

Now that you better understand the arguments used by amalgam conspiracy theorists, you can better argue against those theorists so that you can be sure that the best interests of dental patients always come first.

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