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Call me Mr Potato Head too (You are what you eat)

by Deva Tucker


We have always heard the phrase “you are what you eat” and if that statement is true, just call me Mr. Potato Head. I can’t help it, I love potatoes. French fried, mashed, roasted or raw I love them all. My favorite way is right out of the “Wavy Lays” bag.


So what does our favorite food say about us?


Appetizer: You enjoy entertaining, spending time with others and want the evening to last forever. It’s all about the presentation and engaging conversation. You love the finer things in life.


Salad and Veggies: You know how to pace yourself. You are a good mediator and try hard to always reach a good balance in whatever you do. You are a regular person in many ways (get my drift?) so you always have a smile on your face. You still listen to your parent’s advice and have been known to go for a run at 5 am, just because you can.


Meat and potatoes: You are down to earth, a no pretense kind of person who enjoys life. You were raised right. A real family oriented person. You are a grill master and the steaks you cook, are far superior to any steakhouse restaurant.


Chocoholic: You are a lover at heart. You really know how to enjoy life. You take the time to smell the roses, and on many occasions have been seen wearing rose colored glasses. Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween are your favorite Holidays.


Hot dogs and Hamburgers: You are an all American. You love tradition and spending time with family and friends. You fly the flag on the 4th of July and hum “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” (OK, maybe not in the south). You are a diehard sports fan and you always wear your team’s jersey on game days.


Pizza: You love your friends and would rather spend time with them just hanging out. You love movies and going to the mall. You are young at heart and always up for a good practical joke.


Sushi: You are adventurous, fun loving and some people would classify you as “artsy”. You are not afraid to take chances and are always up for trying something new. You love to travel to out of the way places and meet new people. Your favorite show is on the food network.


Ice cream: You are health conscious; you understand the importance of getting your daily calcium intake. Quality is more important to you than quantity. You enjoy life’s simple pleasures. You love babies and taking your dog for long walks through the park.


Sweet and savory: You, my friend, know how to live life. The sky’s the limit, nothing is out of reach. Your favorite motto is “seize the day”. Your bucket list includes jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. You are full of life and have many close friends. You are a people magnet.


Salty: You are very intelligent, gracious, and kind with above average looks. Modesty is your strong suit.


Obviously, no scientific studies were used in this research, just me and my salty bag of chips.


Bon appetit!



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