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By Deva Tucker



Have you ever been asked a question and your mind goes blank? Some answers are automatic, but there are a few that you know the answer but just can’t get it out so you respond “I would have been able to tell you if you hadn’t asked” For example:

Are you right or left handed?

Which is your dominant foot?

Which side of your mouth is your favorite side for chewing?


I have a feeling that the last one might have tripped you up. The next time you go to eat your going to have to stop and think about which side to chew on. Sorry. I did a little research and found:


90% of people are right-handed

80% are right footed

But no significant evidence was found between the dominant hand that holds the fork, and the side of the mouth chewed on.

One poll showed; Right handed people favored the right side of their mouth 36% of the time and another 36% of right handed people favored their left side. Dead even.

Some studies state missing teeth, dental work, and even weakened temporomandibular joints (jaw) may play a role.

But when it comes to chewing, in general, women believe they chew more on one side than the other, whereas men feel they chew on both sides the same.

My husband states he is ambidextrous when it comes to food.

The National Institutes of Health states you can chew on whichever side of your mouth you please. Now, that was helpful.

So now you ask: “What is the point of all this useless information?”

“I would have been able to to tell you if you hadn’t asked”.

If you would like to find out how to test your Dominate side, check out Science kids @

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