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Tomato Sandwich Anyone?

I have to admit when people ask me where I’m from, I always say, “The South”.

Their next question is, “South of what?” Alright already, South Jersey. Yes, I’m one of “those Yankees”. I may not have been born in The South, but you can’t make me leave now…I eat grits, for goodness sake!

I love The South and summer time is my favorite season. I know it gets really hot but with that comes some of the best garden-fresh vegetables dishes. Squash casserole, fried okra, fried green tomatoes and zucchini bread!

The only thing finer in the Carolinas is a tomato sandwich. I’m not talking about a tomato sandwich with lettuce and bacon on it; I’m talking about a garden fresh, big fat juicy tomato on white bread. Yes, old fashioned white bread. (The kind you don’t want to admit you buy.)

My first tomato sandwich was made for me by my friend, Cathy, at Charlotte Dentistry. It was the best ever! I was hooked…but when I tried to make it at home it was just not the same. It’s a pretty simple sandwich! Too simple to mess up, right? Wrong! Come to find out, my Yankee was showing and I had used Hellman’s mayonnaise. Cathy said she only uses Duke’s mayonnaise and no tomato sandwich connoisseur would ever use a substitute. Her other secret: she peels her tomatoes. Now that’s love!

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