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I Love Coffee and I Cannot Lie

I love coffee. I can drink a pot (or so) a day. I know this makes more work for my hygiene friends at Charlotte Dentistry, (sorry :(-) and my MD is always giving me the evil eye about it. But, my thought, keep it in perspective folks, I could do a whole lot worse things. I eat right, I exercise daily, and I drink coffee. I said it and I meant it, I love it. I LOOOVE COFFEE.

Now, you would think that I’m a coffee snob, well I kind of am, but not in the way you think.

I prefer my coffee, coffee flavored. Yep, no fancy mocha, vanilla, spiced, iced, macchiato, extra stream, no froth, upside down, skinny soy-coconut milk frappe concoction. Just coffee. I even want my cream, cream flavored.

I saw several posts recently for etiquette and tips to make your Starbucks experience better, really? Remember, I’m the messenger, so here goes:

First, the proper way to place your order.


When you order, say the size first, whether it is hot or iced, and then the name of your drink.


Every Starbucks has a bar with different kinds of milk, sugars, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg to add to your drinks. Therefore, when the cashier tells you to add your own milk and sugar at the bar, it is not because he/she is too lazy to do it, but because customers usually prefer it that way.


If the cashier forgets to ask whether or not you would like room in your hot/ iced coffee or tea, don’t be afraid to ask!


If you want to reload your Starbuck’s card and order a drink or food item, it is helpful if you ask to reload the card first, and then place your order.


Ask for plastic ware at the register, not from the baristas. We want our baristas to move their feet as little as possible. Feet do not make drinks. (good to know)


We ask for your name not to make your life more difficult or ask you on a date, but to avoid confusion.

Keep an eye out before asking the barista where your drink disappeared to.

Even when there is nobody in the store, we may be working on a few mobile-order drinks that came in before you placed your order at the register.

Have your money, credit card or mobile app ready to pay!

Pause your phone conversation.

Speak up, not down. We are not stupid; sometimes we just can’t hear you.

Pleasantries are appreciated. We’re nice to you, so please be nice back.

I could keep going, but now my head is spinning! I’m just not smart enough for Starbuck’s.

I just need coffee. Sorry, I meant I need a Grande hot plain coffee with room for cream and sugar. Wait is that a Venti, or is it a Tall? Yikes. Just give me a big coffee! Pretty please. LOL

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