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Back To School

Love it or hate it, back to school time is here. For many parents and children, this can be mixed with joy and anxiety. We have put together a few tips we hope will help make this the best year ever.


Now is the time to get back into the swing of things.

During summer vacation bedtimes seem to fly out the window. Start the week before school enforcing school bedtime curfews. A well-rested child is a more focused child.


Fuel your child’s brain. Start the day with a good and healthy breakfast.


Prepare ahead of time:

Lay out clothes the night before. Have a place where shoes, coats, backpacks are placed in the same place every night, ready for a smooth exit in the morning.

Have a checklist: lunch money or a packed lunch, gym clothes, homework, laptop, extra school supplies.


Have a designated area for homework, a quiet space free of distraction.


Don’t over commit. Having children involved in several extracurricular activities can lead to an extremely busy week and weekend, rest and homework can take a back seat and cause a lot of stress.



Make sure you discuss transportation and safety with your child. If they’re riding the bus, do you know where the bus stop is and what time they’ll be picked up and dropped off?

Do you know where the school’s designated drop-off and pick-up area is if car pooling?

If it’s not possible for a parent to be home at the end of the school day for the first week, try to have your evenings free so you can spend as much time with your children as they need.


Visit the school ahead of time with your child and locate their classroom, restroom, and cafeteria.

And make time to meet their teacher, get a list of needed school supplies.



Calm the butterflies:

As with any new situation — remind your child that everyone feels a little nervous about the first day of school and that it will soon become an everyday routine.

Reassure them about all the great things going back to school can bring, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, new school supplies, new clothes, and even participating in a school sport.


We hope you found this information helpful.

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