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Take My Advice, Please!

For years, at my annual eye examination, I would put off having my eyes dilated.  My mantra was “next time”.  I just didn’t want to be uncomfortable, and not having any eye problems, it just seemed like a waste of my time and money.  Well, this year was a little different, my doctor said he saw a concern and insisted on doing the dilation.  Come to find out, I do have something going on and I’m now being treated by a retinal specialist.  I’m upset with myself for putting my eyesight at risk.

So why am I upset?  Because I know better!  Over the years we’ve had patients that just didn’t want dental x-rays taken.  They stated they were not having any issues at the time, so they would just wait. Others said they wanted to avoid radiation exposure and they’ll just wait till “next time” (sound familiar?).

Knowing better, I would tell these patients just because you are not having any problems now routine x-rays are still necessary. I would also explain without x-rays the doctor can’t see what’s going on between the teeth, under the gum line, under old dental work, and in the bone.  Also, Charlotte Dentistry uses a very hi-tech digital x-ray system, so they have very little exposure to radiation. Dental x-rays are a very important tool in detecting and preventing problems.

A full mouth set of x-rays is recommended approximately every 5 years, bitewing x-rays every 6 months to a year depending on your dental history.

When the doctors at Charlotte Dentistry recommend x-rays, they are necessary. Maybe not for a problem, but to rule out any unforeseen issues. We hope that we never find anything, but if we do it’s better to take care of them before your smile is at risk. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Growing up, my father had a saying, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say” I learned my lesson! Now if my advice is good enough to give, it’s good enough to follow.  My new saying, “Do as I do. Do as I say”.

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