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Dreaming About Losing Teeth

Working in the dental field, patients tell us all the time about dreaming about their teeth falling out.

Doing some research on the subject I was surprised to find out dreams about losing one’s teeth was in the top 5 most common recurrent dreams.

Of course, dreams are open to interpretation and I found those interpretations to be as unique as the dreams themselves.

Some say if you dream that your teeth are falling out, it’s not so much of a dental problem, but more about a situation. Maybe on a subconscious level, you feel you said too much in your awake life, said the wrong thing, hurt someone’s feelings. Basically, something came out of your mouth that shouldn’t have, like your teeth.

“Losing your teeth” dreams may also reflect changes in your life, maybe a fear of aging, or life situations that are happening to you that are out of your control.


Others feel these dreams can be caused by a waking life concern for your overall dental health. You are past due for a cleaning, are you postponing dental work or the last time you flossed was 6 months ago and you have a cleaning appointment in the morning (ok, I just threw that last one in).

Being aware of stress in our daily life is the first step to a better night’s dreams.

Remember eat a well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.


If the cause is a dental fear, that’s an easy fix. Charlotte Dentistry’s top priority is excellent patient care. Finding the right dental home will make all the difference.


By the way, my recurrent dream was getting to high school and not remembering my locker combination. I’d say that was more like a nightmare.

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