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Saliva AKA Spit

Some facts about saliva you may have never wanted to know.

The saliva glands are called salivary glands. These glands sit inside each cheek, at the bottom of your mouth, and near your front bottom teeth by the jaw bone.

Human saliva is 99.5% water, the other 0.5% consists of electrolytes, mucus, and glycoprotein, antibacterial, and bacteria compounds. These proteins and minerals help protect your teeth’s enamel, prevents decay, gum disease and fight bad breath. Saliva is produced 24 hours a day, most humans produce an average of 2-4 pints a day, that’s enough to fill a swimming pool over a lifetime. Saliva helps with your digestion and starts breaking down your food while you are still chewing. Saliva moistens your food and makes it easier to taste and swallow. Just think how hard it would be to eat a PB&J without spit.

In Jr High, I had a friend who was a world class spitter, I’m not talking about the normal kind of spitting. This gal would lift her tongue and squirt spit from her salivary glands on command. Really. Her distance and accuracy could make a marksman jealous. It was a very weird but impressive talent ( remember, I did say Jr High). And yes, I did try it at home, I can’t do it on command, but I have christened my fair share of dentists over the years (sorry Dr. Eshleman). Come to find out, I’m a drooler, not a spitter.

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