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Children’s Oral Care

How to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth


Similar to eating veggies or taking baths, getting your child to brush their teeth can be tedious due to the lack of enthusiasm he/she shows. However, a good teeth-brushing routine is imperative to help prevent tooth decay and help children develop a lifelong habit of good oral hygiene.


Showing your children that brushing their teeth is similar to good behavior is a better way to show your children that it is not a chore. Therefore, when you brush your teeth call them and show them how much you enjoy doing so. Show your children that it is fun. Allow them to copy you. For instance, you can buy them a similar coloured toothbrush as your own. Let it be a bonding moment by letting them brush your teeth to ensure that you brush theirs well.


Here are some good tactics to help your kids love brushing their teeth:


Tell a good story


You can tell them about evil plaque monsters that are notorious of invading the smile kingdom. As you continue, inform the children that the best way to destroy these monsters is to use their toothbrush and toothpaste. Since you are telling a story, your kids will find some interest and see brushing their teeth as a new adventure. It is no longer about oral hygiene; it is about some experience that requires a solution.


Get your kid a fun toothbrush


This will create some excitement about the concept of brushing. You can do this with the brand of toothpaste that they use. Essentially, when you find that your child likes a particular flavoured toothpaste that is the one you should get for them to enjoy brushing. You can get toothbrushes that resemble race cars, Disney characters, and dinosaurs among others. Let them pick their choice of toothbrush and you will be amazed at how fun their tooth-brushing regime will become.


Make a fun game out of brushing teeth


For instance, you can make it a challenging game where you tell your kids, “I bet I will brush my teeth a lot better than you.” This way, your child will always look forward to the challenge and the eventual win, as you have to let the kids win to make it fun.


Use a reward scheme


You do not have to pay your child to brush their teeth, as this will be a little extreme. Set up small rewards for motivation; for instance, you can allow them to stay up 30 more minutes if they brush their teeth before going to bed. After 30 days, you can take them out for a snack or a day out in the park. These incentives will ensure that your kids are always looking forward to the rewards they get. Soon enough, you will no longer need a reward scheme, as teeth brushing will have become a habit.


Choose a time to brush teeth together with your kids


You can opt to lead by example to ensure that your kids see that brushing your teeth is important. Your children look up to you; therefore, they will want to be like you to copy what you do at a particular time. By spending this quality time, you can show your kids the benefits of a healthy and bright smile. Your children will eventually develop spectacular oral care habits.


These habits will be to your benefit, as you will not have to worry about going to the dentist every time. You will only visit the dentist for routine check-ups where the dentist for their good oral hygiene habits will reward them.

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