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Dental care in every stage of life

Consistent oral hygiene not only helps in developing strong teeth and healthy gums but also boosts your confidence as well as helping in maintaining your general good health. It is vital for one to understand the basic routine necessary to keep excellent dental hygiene. It is equally important to learn basic dental education and the steps that should be followed at every stage of your life and that of your loved ones.



Dental care should be observed immediately after there are born or their first or ‘milk’ teeth erupts. According to dental experts, the toddlers’ gums should be wiped gently with a soft washcloth, infant toothbrush, clean damp gauze or gum massager. However, the most important part is when your child’s first teeth appear, it is recommended that you should brush their teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush. Your toddler’s teeth should be brushed or wiped immediately after feeding. It is important to ensure that your baby should not sleep with milk or juice bottle to avoid your baby’s teeth from decaying. Maintaining proper hygiene for your kid’s teeth is important to maintain proper health, according to research in dental health, children who develop cavities in their baby teeth will develop them in their adulthood.


School-age children

Children start to lose their baby teeth between the ages of five to six years old and grow their permanent or adult teeth by the ages of ten to twelve years old; your child will probably have grown their permanent teeth and will have no more baby teeth. At this stage, your kid’s dental care is more important as they will stay with the permanent teeth for the rest of their lives. Your children should be checked by a qualified dentist on a regular basis on dental issues such as prevention of cavities by use of fluoride application, correcting bad breath issues and ensuring correct tooth alignment. You should also ensure that your children do not eat excess junk foods and that they are brushing their teeth twice a day.



At the adulthood stage, dental care should be observed appropriately, failure to do so could lead to decay, gum disease, and other serious health complications. Surprisingly, adults who do not follow their dental health appropriately are more prone to health complications such as stroke, diabetes, and other diseases. Your teeth should be brushed twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation. You should also visit your dentist after every six months to prevent other dental complications such as gum diseases or gingivitis and periodontal disease.


Senior citizens

At this stage of adulthood, health issues become more complicated. Conditions such as periodontal disease become more severe, and if not properly taken care of, it could lead to loosening and eventual loss of teeth. At this stage, you should have more regular visits to your dentist to maintain your teeth and to help you keep as many teeth as possible to stay healthy and happy.

Dental care should be strictly observed at every stage of your life and that of your children for a long healthy and happy life with brilliant smiles.


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