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Disposal of Water Bottles

I recycle, re-use, re-purpose, and re-invent. I have more in my recycled trash can than in my regular trash.

I take it very seriously.

I used to buy fancy BDP free water bottles to take to the gym, but I got tired of forgetting them, not to mention the cost of repeatedly replacing them. So, I started buying bottled water (please, no shaming). To make myself feel better about single handedly filling a landfill with my plastic bottles, I re-use them, multiple times. My thought, it’s just water, and I’m saving the environment, just a little bit. Even my gym recently installed a water bottle refilling station. This fancy contraption has a number counter on it, telling you how many bottles have been saved from the landfill by re-filling.   However, a recent article I read has now stopped me dead in my water re-filling tracks. It said, by re-using a disposable water bottle you are exposed to more germs than you would find on a toilet seat. YUK! Like I said, Dead in my tracks!.

The problem seems to be a two-fold one. First, disposable bottles are not meant for repeated use (Duh). Repeated washings can break down the plastic and release chemicals into your drinking water. Second, as you wash the bottle to re-use, the bottle breaks, and cracks, providing more nooks and crannies for the bacteria to grow on.

So what is a person to do? Do you think it would be weird if I duct taped my Yeti to my hand when I go to the gym? I would hate to lose that thing. LOL

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