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See You at The Pole

I still have very fond memories of a much beloved 3rd-grade public school teacher, Mr. Boyd. Mr. Boyd used the bible every day as his teaching aid. From learning to write cursive to memorization skills the bible was his go-to resource. Some of my favorite Psalms I learned from him. But in 1962 all that changed. The Supreme Court ruled to remove corporate worship during school hours. Although I was just a young child when this happened I still can remember how controversial this ruling was.

But nothing in those Supreme Court rulings made it unlawful for public school students to pray or read any religious books during their free time. Later decisions have made this even clearer. In 1990, the high court ruled specifically that high school students may form clubs that meet during “non-instructional” time to pray read religious texts or discuss religious topics as long as other student groups are allowed to meet.

This coincided with the birth of the “See you at the pole movement” (SYATP) which started in Texas with a handful of students. This was a simple prayer rally where students meant at the school’s flagpole before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God. The news of this meeting spread to Christian youth leaders who challenged others to join the movement. The following month it was estimated 20,000 Texas youth participated.


Since 2006, a yearly kickoff event is held on the fourth Wednesday in September. This movement has spread to over 3 million internationally and is still “student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led.” Each group decides what day and how often to meet and all are invited to participate.



This great country of ours was founded on religious freedom and I’m so very thankful that we all can freely worship as our faith leads us. God bless America.

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