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The Waze Craze

A year ago my son signed me up for a Waze account. He said it was a great way to navigate through Charlotte traffic. I looked at the app, but really never did anything with it.

However, traveling during the recent Labor Day holiday and headed into a tropical storm I decided to study up on the Waze craze. I had a lot of time since my husband won’t let me drive, it’s a control thing (I’m an excellent driver, just ask me ). I must say it came in very handy. Not only could you see road conditions ahead on a map, Waze also gave us audible warnings of road conditions. This was very helpful and helped us avoid a very large traffic jam with an alternate route around an accident.


The way it works is, whenever a wazer sees something on their drive, they post it. Whether it be road construction, a traffic accident, road hazard, traffic jam, or even a speed trap, they share the information for others to see.

To keep the information current, as other wazers come upon these road conditions they can confirm the condition still exists by giving a thumbs up. It’s kind of like saying thank you for the warning.   Or if conditions have cleared, that information is shared as well.

Mark Taylor from WSOC TV broadcasts the Waze maps on his morning traffic report. This gives you real-time traffic updates even before you start your trip


Each time you report, confirm and update traffic conditions you are awarded points. When I first heard that you earn points, I had visions of playing skeet ball at Chuck E Cheese. All those tickets that you can redeem for prizes, but with Waze your points give you status. You start as a baby Waze, get more points and move to a grown-up, then on to a warrior, knight, and the highest of the wazer chain, Royalty. You can tell royalty by the crown on the little wazer emoji head.


I need to study up on how to use the Waze hands-free option and get driving.

My new goal, this gal wants a crown! I’m not talking about the type of crowns you get from Charlotte Dentistry, if that were the case, I’d already be the queen Mother.

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