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Black Friday Shopping

The Christmas shopping hype has started and I must confess when I walked into Wal-Mart the other day to see a sign that said 45 days until Christmas, I panicked. Yep 45 days, wait, I’m not ready! The sign worked, I bought my first gift.

But the real fun begins on Black Friday. For years we always studied the Thanksgiving Day paper for deals. We would make piles of the store’s circulars, should buy, would if we could, and too good to be true. I must admit, I have never gotten up and waited in line for the stores to open. I let the initial rush to die down then go look for my treasures.

I’m not thrilled that some stores have decided to open on Thanksgiving Day. It’s just not the same; let your employees have the holiday off with their families. These folks will be working hard through the holidays putting up with some short-tempered shoppers soon enough.


But, if you have an adventurous and hardy spirit, Black Friday shopping could be right up your alley.

So here are some tips that may make your Black Friday easier.

Get a good night’s sleep and wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Safety in numbers, shop in a group. Also, you can divide and conquer more territory.

Make a list and check it twice. Know what you are looking for and set a budget for each item.

Read the fine print on the sale. Do they only have 2 of the sales items in stock?

Is the sales price only during certain times? 4am to 6 am?

Check the manufacturer’s website for any coupons, also check on social media for coupons (Oral B’s Facebook page offers $30 off coupons)

Ask about the return policy.

Always get a gift receipt.

Check for any additional fees or limits on gift cards.


Do your research.

Several Web sites start posting Black Friday ads as soon as they become available―which for some stores is now. Check these sites for the latest deals: (click on the Black Friday tab)


Hint: If you see a great buy, check price comparison sites such as and to make sure you can’t do better elsewhere.


Another hint, stay home on Black Friday and eat leftovers, rest up for cyber Monday and “Let your fingers do the walking”.

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