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Eating Clean

I have been hearing a lot of commercials lately talking about “Clean Eating”. My first thought, clean eating, opposed to what? Eating dirty? So I had to look into this entire new food craze.

What I found is clean eating is more about making healthy food choices. Natural wholesome foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and natural proteins. Clean eating eliminates refined sugar, heavily processed food, and anything with the word artificial in the ingredients label.


Clean eating is also about portion control. It is best to have smaller portions throughout the day, adding a healthy snack in between your larger meals. The regular intake of smaller amounts of food keeps your energy level stable throughout the day.


A few tips to start:

Shop on the outside perimeter of the grocery store to buy the majority of your food.

Read the labels, 8 or fewer ingredients. The fewer the better.

Avoid products whose ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Eat more vegetables and fruit, organic when possible.

Avoid refined sugar, use honey, pure maple syrup, or 100% stevia.

Add healthy fats, nuts, olive oil and even avocados.

Keep things in focus, the key to clean eating is trying to eat healthy as much as possible, while still being flexible if you slip up.


What I have determined, “Clean Eating” is just a new fancy advertising buzz word for healthy eating. But, whatever you want to call it, cleaning up your diet is a great way to build and support your body with the highest quality food.


And all my life I thought clean eating was just washing up before you sat down to eat. LOL

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