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Activated Charcoal Does Not Whiten Teeth

Use of activated charcoal has become a trend of recent times whose proponents claim that it does provide the sublime result of whitened teeth. Activated charcoal is a natural material that is sold in paste form packaged in tubes. It is often used for filtration purposes whether to filter air or water. Its uses are based on the fact that activated charcoal is a highly absorbent substance. Its absorbent property helps it to take away impurities from teeth. Impurities on teeth are predominantly stains that come from regular drinking of substances such as coffee or wine.


Activated charcoal has been used by medical professionals for quite some time now. It is used to absorb toxic material that has been ingested, and it is easily dispensed from the body. Its emergence in the health and beauty market is, however, more recent and has led to the many questions arising from its use. Those who use activated charcoal to whiten their teeth operate from the assumption that if the substance can be used to remove toxic material from the skin and within the body, then its proficiency can extend to teeth. It is hard to prove if the above reasoning is fallacious or not. More experimentation will lead to more conclusive answers.


The use of activated charcoal may, in fact, remove dark staining from teeth in the short term, but the most pertinent question is whether the long-term use of the substance has any adverse effects. The effects on other parts of the oral cavity such as the gums and tongue are very much unknown. The more dangerous aspect of the use of activated charcoal is that some people may begin using it as an alternative to fluoride based toothpaste. The above is very risky and could end up being very dangerous to many people across the board.


Teeth are the few parts of the body that cannot replenish themselves. If you damage your teeth as a fully grown person, you will have to live with them in such a state for the rest of your life. Most dentists are apprehensive about the use of activated charcoal for teeth whitening for these reasons. Until further tests have been conducted and conclusive results obtained, it would be a huge gamble to use activated charcoal. Most dentists advocate the use of already tried and tested methods of teeth whitening which, although may cost more, have zero risks of permanent damage to your teeth.


The attraction of a Do it yourself (DIY) teeth whitening method such as the use of activated charcoal is quite clear. The cost is very low compared to the alternatives. It is a quick process only requiring three to five minutes of regular brushing time to do it. The rising costs of health care make it more imperative for more DIY methods of such procedures to be created. Doing it periodically is the safest way to practice this approach and even so, the risks are only slightly minimized.


You can use a rule of thumb to evaluate the use of activated charcoal for teeth whitening, “if it is too good to be true, it probably is.” there are safer ways to get gleaming pearly whites and whichever way you choose is up to you. You can decide to be bold or be cautious.

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