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Well, it started a little earlier this year than I remember in the past, but I love it. The weather man said that four letter word that makes me so happy. SNOW. Could it really be, snow in the south? It’s like a major holiday, no school, no work, no presents, and no stress. Now if you are from up North, snow is a word you dread. Our milder southern winter weather is one of the reasons you moved south. Well, here in the south we look at a snow day like a little reward for surviving our long hot dry summers. It’s a wonderful excuse to get out and play on a cold winter’s day and just have fun and act like a kid. Yes we all run out to the grocery store and buy bread and milk, and we know you poke fun of us ( and so do we), but who would want to go without making snow cream? A truly wonderful southern treat. The anticipation of a flake or two is overwhelming. We keep checking the television for any closings updates. Yep, before the first flake falls the closings start. I understand that even in the worst conditions up north it is rare for schools and business to shut down, but here in the South, it’s like a free hall pass. When the governor tells you to stay home, whether you voted for him or not, it’s your duty as a citizen of our great state to listen to his words of wisdom.   The weather person said the snow would start at 7 pm so every 30 minutes or so I hear somebody looking out the window stating; it’s coming, it’s going to snow, it will be here any minute. I’m not sure if that’s a statement or a prayer because of unfinished homework. And finally, once the snow starts the house calms, it’s like a quiet peace falls over the world, or at least on my street.

We treat snow differently here in the south. Everything stops, we have time to just be with our families and neighbors and play. We find the nearest hill and improvise on sleds if needed; cardboard boxes work in a pinch. If you are lucky you have a friend with a four wheeler, let me just say, that’s living, southern style!

Have you ever heard the saying “When in Rome?” So to all our Northern friends, we know that you are better getting around in the snow, but trust me “this ain’t Kansas anymore”, so slow down and be patient with us on the roads. Better yet, if you can, seize the day, the snow won’t last long around here, so unplug, no housework, no multitasking, drink hot chocolate and bake cookies. Just have some fun family play time. Better yet, let your southern hospitality show; invite the neighbors over for some bread and milk.

All of us at Charlotte Dentistry would like to thank the many wonderful people, who despite the weather, still care, protect, and serve others and our community. Thank you.

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