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What Your Favourite Colour Says About You

We all have a favorite color, but did you know that it could reveal some of your most important personality traits? Even young toddlers, when asked, will tell you the color they like the best.

So, what does your color say about your personality?


White; You are confident, with very high standards regarding cleanliness. People see you as a breath of fresh air. Innocent, pure, and a perfectionist.


Black; You are confident, emotionally contained, decisive, serious, powerful, strong, and sophisticated. Sometimes a bit introverted. Lovers of black tend to make excellent leaders.


Yellow; You are a dreamer and even considered a perfectionist. You are fun loving and have big dreams. People love to be around you because you have a great sense of humor, and you are pretty smart.


Red; You are passionate, assertive and courageous, but may be considered short tempered and fiery. You will let nothing come between you and your success.


Green; You are well mannered and generally, make a loyal and supportive partner. You love, love and your greatest joy in life comes from helping other people.


Purple; The color of royalty, you may consider yourself different from other people. You are mysterious, imaginative, and secretive. You are fun loving and able to charm and intrigue people.


Blue; You can talk to anyone, you are considered an avid communicator. People who associate with blue tend to be more emotional and more empathetic. Lovers of blue are hopeful and positive. Blue is the most popular color.


Pink; Pink lovers are charming and gentle. Pink-loving people are thought to be romantic, gentle, and sweet.


Brown: You are dependable, steady, responsible, confident, and kind. You are the salt of the earth. You are a minimalist and may even hug a tree now and again.


Orange; You are flamboyant, lively, and social as well as fun loving. Orange lovers tend to be good natured and popular, maybe even a little fickle.



I have, to be honest, if you looked in my closet you would summarize my favorite colors are white and black, but it’s really blue. So what does that say about me? I’m confident (white), I’m confident (black), and I like to communicate (blue), yep that’s me, I’m confident I talk a lot. LOL

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