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My Teeth Look and Feel Fine. Do I Need a Checkup?

Absolutely yes! By the time you experience any oral health symptoms, the problem has long been present. This includes issues like gum disease, where your gums will eventually begin bleeding and your teeth become loose. This also includes tooth decay, which frequently goes unnoticed until a toothache occurs. By this time, the cavity may be so large that the tooth is unable to be saved. The point is that getting a checkup can prevent many oral health problems. Early detection of these conditions can also minimize your treatment costs and save your smile! Here are other essential reasons you need a dental checkup even with healthy teeth.

Get a Cleaning

Getting a professional teeth cleaning not only looks and feels great, but has other important purposes. When we brush and floss regularly, we’re doing our teeth a huge favor. However, people are not expert tooth cleaners. Tight spaces or areas behind teeth often get missed during brushing. A professional cleaning can remove plaque or tartar in these areas while your dentist can let you know how to brush better. Getting a professional cleaning also regularly removes surface stains, helping your teeth remain whiter!

Evaluate Gum Health                             

Our gums are instrumental in keeping our teeth and their roots healthy. However, gum problems tend to be sneaky. Gums that are slightly red, irritated, or puffy could be indicative of gum disease. Your dentist can closely inspect your gums to determine if any signs of gum disease are present. Gum recession is often only noticeable after tooth sensitivity occurs around your roots. Visiting your dentist can ensure gums are doing their job and not experiencing any problems.

Oral Cancer Screening

Many dentists now conduct an oral cancer screening during your routine exam. This means your dentist will feel around your face, neck, and jaw to identify any unusual growths. The inside of your mouth will also be checked for persistent sores or discoloration. Early detection can help save your life when it comes to oral cancer, so don’t skip this important screening even if you feel fine!

Check for Cavities

Tooth decay has a tricky way of developing when we’re unaware of it. Often people go to the dentist to find that they have several cavities that they didn’t know about! Your dentist is an expert at looking for cavities. Small cavities are easy to fill, while large cavities could compromise your entire tooth. Get regular checkups to monitor any existing tooth decay and check for new cavities.

Talk about Concerns

Your dentist is a professional. Bring your oral health concerns with you to the office—talking to your dentist about any symptoms or concerns you have gives you peace of mind and the best care. While searching on the Internet is a popular alternative, talking to a real dentist about your specific smile always yields more accurate advice!

Just because your teeth look and feel okay doesn’t mean you should skip the dentist office. Don’t wait until you have problems to go—schedule routine visits at least once a year with your local dentist. He or she can let you know whether or not you need to come more often. Take great care of your smile for life with regular checkups!


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