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The Adventure Continues

It’s been two weeks since I started my orthodontic Invisalign treatment. Having never worn any orthodontic appliances before it took some getting used to. Since my case required additional gear (rubber bands), the trays are not as simple to remove as I had anticipated. The first week of wearing them was quite uncomfortable. Because the teeth are being moved soreness and mild pain was experienced at the begging but once my teeth got used to it, it was not as uncomfortable. I do like the fact that I can take them off to eat which I think it’s a good thing when you are out to dinner with friends because then I don’t have to worry about what sort of food to order because there are no diet restrictions with Invisalign. I like that I can just brush my teeth & brush my aligners & put them back on & not have to fuss over wires and such, however, being the OCD crazy person that I am, brushing my teeth in a public bathroom at a restaurant is not something I like doing & I do not like wearing them without brushing my teeth first. This can be a slight inconvenience for me because I feel like I cannot put them back in without a proper brushing which I will not do in a public bathroom, you may think that perhaps I’m being too picky & you may be right. If I don’t like using public bathrooms to do what “needs to be done”; I like using them even less for personal hygiene . . . gross.

Overall it’s been an interesting experience, I have not noticed much change in the positioning of my teeth but then again it’s too soon for such changes to be detected. I have started aligners #2 and perhaps I will notice more change when I get to aligner 3 but like most treatment of the human body, patience is a must. In two weeks I will be changing aligners once more, stay tuned for more updates.

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