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Protecting Teenagers in Today’s World

Every teenager has found themselves in over their head at some point. The actions they choose to take determine whether the outcome is positive or negative. As a parent of a teenager, you have an obligation to protect them and keep them safe in an increasingly dangerous world. Here are some ways to do this.

Teen Tracking Mobile Apps


Teen Safe

Many parents have taken to using the recent influx of teen tracking mobile apps to keep their family safe. One of them is Teen Safe, an app that can be used to watch who they call and text as well as where they go. Though there is some controversy surrounding the use of this and similar apps, many parents have found it to be an effective way to protect their teens. While no teen wants to feel sheltered or dependent on their parents, having access to where they go and who they speak to is an important part of keeping them safe.


In some cases, teen tracking mobile apps are actually created by teens. This was the case with the ReThink app. This app forces teens to carefully consider the contents of a social media post before making it public. The use of this app is meant to cut down on cases of cyberbullying. Trigger words that cyberbullies commonly use are programmed into the app. When one of these words is detected, the user gets a pop-up window asking them to reconsider using abusive words. The teenager who created this app was inspired to do so after hearing the story of a fellow teenager who committed suicide as a result of being bullied. In test runs of this app, it was found that users were 67% less likely to post an abusive message on social media.

Our Pact

An app called Our Pact gives your teenagers the freedom to use the Internet and social media without the pitfalls so many parents worry about. Using this app you can give your teens less time or extra time on their mobile device. You and your teen can use this app to come to an agreement about the rules to keep them safe while still allowing them the freedom to live their life. This can be a great compromise between parents and teens, helping to keep them safe without building resentment on their part.


Checky is a similar app that you and your teen can use to come to certain agreements. It allows you to choose an acceptable number of times for your teen to check their phone each day. You’ll like it because you can keep track of your teen’s phone habits and he or she will like it because they can compare their stats with friends who also have the app. This added feature makes the app more appealing to teens who are worried about losing their privacy or independence.


Keeping your teenagers safe in today’s world does not have to cause tension between you and them. It is imperative to strike the right balance between parenting them and sheltering them. Using appropriate mobile apps to come to a compromise on their activities can be one effective way to help your teens grow and become more mature. Talking with teens is often they key to understanding.

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