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Grocery Shopping Online – Oh, YEAH!

Do you ever feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough time to get everything done in your busy day? Between work, home, family, and friends some days I think I meet myself coming and going.

Well, this might sound like a commercial, but this is an endorsement for extra time. I have just discovered on-line grocery shopping with curbside pickup. More like, they load the groceries in my car (can you hear the angels singing?)! This concept is so innovative and helpful, particularly to moms with young children. Can you image getting your weekly grocery shopping done on the way home from soccer practice without even unbuckling the kiddos?

To get started just download the store’s grocery app, set up your account and start shopping at your convenience. This can be done over time or all at one time if you like. Until you check out you can add or modify your list as needed. What I love about this, when I see I’m running low or out of something, I can just add it to my online cart instead of a grocery list. When ready, check out and schedule a pickup time. Walmart asks for a 10-minute arrival courtesy call, once you are there, you park in the designated pick-up area and call them again. Within a couple of minutes your groceries are loaded and you my friend are on your way.

I was very nervous about someone else picking out my meat, produce, and dairy but I’m happy to say my produce was fresh, meat was high quality and the dairy was cold (and well within the expiration date).

I even received a call informing me that the organic squash I ordered was out of stock and asked if I would like to replace it with regular squash. WOW, great service.

Several benefits to this way of shopping: It’s a great time saver; your shopping list can be saved and modified for each transaction. It helps you stay on the budget, and it helps with the diet, no impulse buying Ben and Jerry’s chunky monkey ice cream during a moment of weakness.

One downside has been once I check out online I have not been able to add something last minute without starting a new order, and with a minimum purchase required that was not practical for just an item or 2. I called the store and they added the item to my original order for me, not something I would want to do on a regular basis.

Harris Teeter is offering no pickup fee on your first order, after that it’s a $5.00 charge (which I feel is well worth it). Walmart always offers free pick up, with a $10.00 coupon off your first order.

Not every area has this service, but most Charlotte locations do. Next time I go on vacation I will definitely check to see if grocery pickup is available in that area. If you have ever been to the grocery store at the beach on a Saturday afternoon, you know what I’m talking about.


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