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Family Wellness Month

Ok, I’ll admit it; we are inundated with National Holidays. I’m not talking about the major holidays like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, but some of these national days of recognition I think may have gone too far. For example, in the month of May, we celebrate Lumpy Rug Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day, and National Sea Monkeys Day. Really? Now don’t get me wrong, when I was a kid, ions ago, I thought sea monkeys were the coolest things ever, but a whole day to honor them?

One thing I think we can all support is National Family Wellness Month, which is observed during the month of May and is designed to promote healthy lifestyles. During this month, Charlotte Dentistry, along with dentists nationwide, are reminding patients about good oral habits and encouraging them to make regular dental checkups a part of their family wellness routine. The American Dental Association says a healthy body is linked to a healthy mouth. To feel good, stay healthy and look great, you might be surprised what a difference good oral hygiene makes! Brush two times a day for 2 minutes each time, and floss daily. By making professional dental care a priority, eating a well-balanced diet, staying active, and making good home hygiene habits, you can help keep your teeth and smile healthy for a lifetime.

Wellness is something that we should all practice. Take time to get healthy and think about lifestyle changes to improve your family’s overall wellness. Remember to schedule your routine dental visits and your annual medical checkups because an ounce of prevention is worth it!

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