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A Good Smile Can Make You More Confident

Confidence can be a minefield for some of us.

If you’re too confident in yourself, then this can manifest as arrogance. This means that other people may find you difficult to be around, and you can suffer through mistakes that are directly attributable to your overconfident nature.

The above, however, is a problem that few people have to deal with. For the vast majority of us, confidence problems stem from too little confidence, not too much. We all have reasons for lacking in confidence, hang ups and issues we don’t particularly like about ourselves; suffering from low self-confidence can sap your ability to believe in yourself. If you suffer from this issue, then fighting back and trying to improve your confidence is essential.

At Charlotte Dentistry, we have noticed a tendency among our patients, and it’s all to do with their confidence. When they first come to us with issues relating to their smile — such as damaged gums or other aesthetic issues– they tend to carry themselves low to the ground. Their shoulders hunch, and if they smile, they cover their mouths or glance to the side. From observing patients over the years, we’ve developed an ability to spot confidence issues a mile away.

However, we’ve also seen how confidence can improve when those teeth problems are fixed. Many patients sit in front of the mirror, their smiles wide, studying their teeth with a look of sheer delight on their faces. When they leave, they are walking taller.

We know why this is, too. When you’re lacking in confidence, particularly in regards to a part of your body, the issue is magnified to you. If you know that your teeth aren’t in the best condition, then you are hyperaware of every smile, every time you open your mouth. You think that everyone is looking at you; judging your teeth; and subsequently judging you.

This focus is likely to all be in your mind, and most people you interact with won’t see the problems that you find so obvious. That, however, is irrelevant; you worry, and you have to live in your own mind, so telling yourself that others don’t notice just won’t work. You have to do what you feel necessary to smile without concern, to make facial expressions, and to just be yourself without worrying someone is judging the way your teeth look.

Self-confidence is a universal problem; it can impact anyone, of any age, at any time. Some of these issues are chronic, but others are directly related to a physical attribute, and no amount of ‘empowerment’ is going to allow your mind to move on from your issue with that physical attribute. The best solution? Simple: if it’s possible to fix it, then do so.

We have seen the consequences of this decision in our patients. Over the next few years, we see how they lose the habits of covering their mouth or shielding their face while speaking. Their hang-up isn’t there anymore and, over time, their confidence improves greatly. If you are suffering with any self-confidence issues regarding your teeth, then we’re sure we could do the same for you.

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