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Valentine’s Day Tips


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Valentine’s Day is here! Before you make reservations for a romantic dinner or any other event involving food, we at Charlotte Dentistry® are here to make sure that you are not accidentally confronted by bad breath during a particularly awkward moment!

Check out our list of typical bad breath foods/drinks to avoid before celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone!

The Usual Bad Breath Suspects

It should be obvious that these noxious offenders can be causes of bad breath, but the importance of not going for that magical kiss after a giant mouthful a garlic-heavy dish cannot be overstated. Make sure that particularly odiferous foods and drinks, including garlic, onions, tuna, other kinds of fish, red meats, and even coffee are not consumed prior to any romantic activities without brushing first!

Odiferous Beverages

Can Make You Dehydrated Not only can odiferous beverages like coffee and alcohol cause beverages, but they can even make you dehydrated if you’re not careful. Even the caffeine from energy drinks can be dehydrating. Saliva acts as a natural defense to bad breath, so if you become dehydrated your saliva production decreases and food particles remain in your mouth longer and can lead to bad breath.

Yes, Dairy and Even Candy Can Be Smelly

Stinky cheeses are a given, but milk and other dairy products that are high in proteins feed the bacteria living in our mouths. The waste products of those bacteria can produce some unpleasant byproducts that result in bad breath. And yes, candy can be smelly, even on Valentine’s Day. The sugar in candy and the bacteria in the mouth can produce a smelly sulfur compound, the longer sticky candy hangs out on your teeth and in your mouth.

How Do I Make My Breath Smell Good?

Brushing is the safest bet, preferably with minty toothpaste for a fresh feeling, smell, and taste. But other methods include avoiding smelly foods and beverages, eat fruits and vegetables, drink 48 ounces of water a day, and clean your tongue with a tongue scraper.

Need more tips on how to avoid bad breath for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year? We at Charlotte Dentistry® are here to help!

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