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Caring For Your Baby’s Oral Health

When it comes to the care and health of our children it is never to early to start good habits. We try to instill healthy and productive habits at an early age, and caring for our mouth, teeth and gums this is no different. But when is […]

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Avoiding Dental Horror For Halloween

Halloween is a horror movie for dental health, as kids (and adults) are assailed with all sorts of sweet treats. But there are ways to protect your little goblins and ghouls by making taking care of your teeth part of the holiday fun. And in doing so, […]

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ToothFairy Club Is Healthy Fun For Kids And Family

If you’d like to get your kids involved in a fun activity that can mean better smiles, check out this link to the ToothFairy Club: It’s free to join, and your kids will get a variety of activities—songs, games, puzzles, and videos, for example—that teach them […]

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Hectic Family Life? Tip: Have Dental Checkups Before Back To School

Back to school time is a challenge even for the most organized family. Everybody has too much to do, and it can take a month or so before everyone is used to new times for getting up, getting going, and getting in the groove with new after-school […]

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A Wise Strategy For Wisdom Teeth

Charlotte Dentistry® encourages young people to consider the dental profession, and welcomes any questions you may have. Many people have their wisdom teeth (third molars) removed as young adults. This is done when there is not enough room in the patient’s mouth and the tooth may become […]

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The Secret To Keeping Your Teeth For Life? It’s Simpler Than You Think

It’s too easy, especially when we’re younger, to take our teeth for granted. After all, teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, right? But, unfortunately, many people discover—often too late—that tooth and gum problems have gotten out of control, and that they’re faced with the real possibility […]

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Eating Disorders And Teeth

Eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia or binge eating are dangerous and very hard on your body—including your dental health. Eating disorders disrupt nutritional intake, and that has a dramatic impact on all body systems. Without proper nutrition, a patient may experience oral problems such as gums […]

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Toothpaste Flavors: Variety Can Brighten Your Smile

It used to be that toothpaste pretty much came in one flavor—an undistinguished mint that freshened your mouth, but didn’t really get you very excited.  And if you or a child in the family didn’t like the flavor—that’s too bad.  This discouraged many people from brushing as […]

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Overcoming A Child’s Dental Anxiety

Dental offices can be scary places for children, especially young ones.  And the anxiety that a child feels at a first dental visit can affect the person even as an adult, if not handled properly. Charlotte Dentistry® takes great care to make sure our youngest patients are […]

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Why Space Maintainers Can Be A Critical Tool For Child Dental Health

Your child’s mouth is a dynamic place. From infancy, new teeth start appearing.  And as your child grows older, baby teeth are routinely in the process of being replaced by permanent ones.  It’s an interesting—and intricate—dental ballet. But what happens if the natural pattern gets disrupted by […]

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