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The Link Between the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

So just how did the Easter Bunny come to be the symbol of the Easter Holiday and why does he have eggs? The early church, some say, did not allow the eating of eggs during Lent, others say they were off limits just the week before Easter […]

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Toothpaste Hacks

Being in the dental field, I’m obsessed with all things dental. Yes, smiles are the first thing I notice about a person. It’s a part and parcel of the trade. So, when I kept seeing all these tips and hacks on Pinterest (another obsession) for other uses […]

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Laughter: The Best Medicine

Has anyone ever tried to tell you a funny joke or story and they were laughing so hard you could not understand a single word they were saying? Still, not sure why they are laughing so hard, you can’t help but join in. Shared belly laughs are […]

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The Cooler-Than-You-Might-Expect History of Toothpaste

By AUSTIN WEBSTER Look in every home in the US and you’ll likely find a tube of toothpaste somewhere. It is one of the most ubiquitous products in America, but have you ever stopped to appreciate the true genius of the product? The earliest forms of the […]

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Digital Impressions with Digital Imaging System

NEW DIGITAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGY MAKES A GOOD IMPRESSION ON DENTISTS, PATIENTS Dental impressions have traditionally been a messy, uncomfortable business. Mold putty was mixed, packed into the patient’s mouth, and allowed to harden. If everything went right, an impression that could be used for crowns, bridges, or Invisalign […]

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Adults Don’t Need To Worry About Cavities, Right?

A lot of us have heard that once you’re past your teens, you don’t have to worry about tooth decay. Your teeth have matured and the enamel is hard and sturdy, so your days of cavities are over, right? Actually, they’re not! Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. […]

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Avoiding Dental Horror For Halloween

Halloween is a horror movie for dental health, as kids (and adults) are assailed with all sorts of sweet treats. But there are ways to protect your little goblins and ghouls by making taking care of your teeth part of the holiday fun. And in doing so, […]

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Maddie’s Crooked Past to a Straight Future

Ever since I was a teenager I haven’t felt comfortable with my smile and didn’t like to share it with everyone. I had always been a very outgoing person and loved to be around other people to have a good time. While doing that, laughing and smiling […]

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Charlotte Dentistry® Expands Insurance Acceptance

Charlotte Dentistry has begun accepting AETNA Insurance, along with Ameritus Dental Insurance and United Health Care Dental PPO. We have accepted the traditional United Health Care plan in the past but now have added the PPO plan. This is a move that will benefit a number of […]

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ToothFairy Club Is Healthy Fun For Kids And Family

If you’d like to get your kids involved in a fun activity that can mean better smiles, check out this link to the ToothFairy Club: It’s free to join, and your kids will get a variety of activities—songs, games, puzzles, and videos, for example—that teach them […]

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