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Vitamins and Supplements

As we start a New Year the #1 resolution seems to be getting healthy. Eat better, sleep longer, drink more water and work out regularly. You may have included taking some vitamins and supplements. It’s important to not overdo it. This is very true when it comes […]

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Children’s Oral Care

How to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth   Similar to eating veggies or taking baths, getting your child to brush their teeth can be tedious due to the lack of enthusiasm he/she shows. However, a good teeth-brushing routine is imperative to help prevent tooth decay and […]

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Tea And Your Teeth

Recent well-documented studies show the health benefits of drinking green tea. The high levels of antioxidants found in the tea can boost your immune system and promote a healthy heart. The Academy of General Dentistry recently reported on the oral benefits, they state the antioxidants in green […]

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Set Teeth on Edge

Recently I started watching Downton Abby on Netflix. I know I’m late to the game, but I’m catching up with a vengeance. I love to hear the dialogue of times gone by. Being in the dental field, the phase “sets my teeth on edge” made me wonder […]

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Charlotte Dentistry Smiles

During the month of October, any patient with a dental appointment is welcome to take a photo or selfie WITH one of our staff members to be entered in a drawing for an official YETI® prize! The Rules: You must have a dental appointment during the month […]

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Why Do Dentists Refer Patients for Specialized Care?

It is the duty of every dentist to know when it’s appropriate to treat a patient and when to refer them to a specialist. The dental care industry has undergone a major transformation in the past years that has enabled the providers to deliver a more value driven […]

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Happy Birthday Dr A

Cathy G. has been making Dr. Armstrong‘s favorite cake on his birthday for as many years as I can remember. Thirty some years ago 1 cake would be enough, but over the years as the Dr. A’s family grew 1 cake turned to 2 with not even […]

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Dental Health and Exercise: The Correlation between the Two

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape. Not only is it good for your health and well-being, but it can help you stay young and agile as well. However, what you don’t know is that exercise can impact your dental health as well. Without exercise, […]

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Saliva AKA Spit

Some facts about saliva you may have never wanted to know. The saliva glands are called salivary glands. These glands sit inside each cheek, at the bottom of your mouth, and near your front bottom teeth by the jaw bone. Human saliva is 99.5% water, the other […]

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Hot Topic: The Floss Debate

By Nicole Mitchell   To floss or not to floss, that is the question. Whether tis nobler between the teeth to suffer the plaque and food debris-ok, I’ll stop now. I am a fan of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but I have never been a fan of flossing. I […]

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