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Accidents Happen: How We Help You Recover

An accident can mean something as simple as a small chip in a tooth, or significant damage to your teeth and jaw.  Charlotte Dentistry has the staff and experience to handle any kind repair or reconstruction. Small chips may simply require a filling or bonding and some […]

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. . . And the Ride Goes On: The Latest From Taquana

Taquana “Tabby” Sears, a Charlotte Dentistry patient, has agreed to share her Invisalign experience with us on a regular basis.  For the last several months, she’s given us reports on how she’s doing with Invisalign, including ups and downs.  Below is her latest blog entry. Last month […]

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Interesting (And Fun) Dental Facts, Part Two

Sports, accidents and fights are the primary cause of tooth loss in folk below the age of 35. Play it conservatively and wear a mouth guard. Every day the typical person spends 8.5 hours sleeping, one hour eating, 7.2 minutes volunteering and only fifty seconds brushing his […]

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Interesting (And Fun) Dental Facts

American citizens cite halitosis (bad breath) as the worst characteristic a workmate can have. Be more favored round the water cooler–brush after lunch. Cap the toothpaste although not the brush. Covering the brush can trap moisture and inspire bacteria expansion.  (Gross, huh?) The average female grins about 62 […]

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Beat the Heat–But Save Your Teeth

On hot days, few things are more tempting than cold, refreshing snacks and drinks.  But while cool treats might be picking you up, the sugar in them could be taking your teeth down. Sugar contributes to plaque and encourages acid-generating bacteria that eat away at your teeth’s […]

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Reasons to Wear a Protective Dental Mouthguard

One of the most significant functions of mouthguards is to keep your teeth from breaking. If your tooth does fracture, it sometimes can be saved, but a proper mouthguard can help prevent breaks from happening in the first place. Mouthguards also defend against tooth displacement.  For example, […]

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Bad Breath Embarassing You? Here Are Some Fixes

Halitosis breath, medically called bad breath, can come from poor dental health habits and could be an indication of other health issues. Bad breath may also be made even worse by the sorts of foods you eat or an unhealthy approach to life habits. How Does What […]

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Making Dental Health A Family Affair

Studies have shown that the strongest influence on a child’s dental health habits comes from his or her parents.  And at Charlotte Dentistry, we work hard to make good dental health a family affair. We make it easy for parents to lead by example by offering services […]

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When Should You Be Concerned Over Your Child’s Teeth Alignment?

It’s a question we get often:  At what age should you start looking at your child’s teeth alignment and evaluate whether or not orthodontics may be needed? The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children should be seen for their first orthodontics consultation by age seven.  This […]

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Perfect Fit Dentures Bring Comfort, Success

Denture technology continues to improve, and Charlotte Dentistry offers the advantage of our own dental lab to provide perfect custom-fit dentures to patients. With dentures “fit” is especially critical, both for comfort and to provide a natural look.  Ill-fitting dentures not only affect smile and disposition, but […]

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