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Making Dental Health A Family Affair

Studies have shown that the strongest influence on a child’s dental health habits comes from his or her parents.  And at Charlotte Dentistry, we work hard to make good dental health a family affair. We make it easy for parents to lead by example by offering services […]

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When Should You Be Concerned Over Your Child’s Teeth Alignment?

It’s a question we get often:  At what age should you start looking at your child’s teeth alignment and evaluate whether or not orthodontics may be needed? The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children should be seen for their first orthodontics consultation by age seven.  This […]

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Perfect Fit Dentures Bring Comfort, Success

Denture technology continues to improve, and Charlotte Dentistry offers the advantage of our own dental lab to provide perfect custom-fit dentures to patients. With dentures “fit” is especially critical, both for comfort and to provide a natural look.  Ill-fitting dentures not only affect smile and disposition, but […]

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Braces Breaks: When You Can and When You Shouldn’t

One advantage of Invisalign over conventional wire braces is that they can be removed.  That makes cleaning, eating, and other activities much easier and more enjoyable. And because they can be removed, it’s tempting to take them out periodically to give yourself a “break” from the tension […]

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Should You Reward Your Kids for Good Dental Hygiene?

There has been quite a bit of debate on this subject, since brushing and flossing should become a routine for every child.  But we think that there can be tremendous value in a using simple reward system—especially if it helps develop the habits that can lead to […]

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Celebrity Smiles Within Your Reach

Think that today’s movie, TV, and music celebrities were born with perfect smiles?  Think again. Many of today’s most famous faces have benefitted from orthodontics.  And many of them wore braces without their fans ever knowing it, thanks to Invisalign.   Tom Cruise, for example, used Invisalign […]

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Good Resource: Our YouTube Channel

[youtube] If you want an in-depth look at our practice, the products we offer, and the experiences of our patients, then take a moment to visit the Charlotte Dentistry YouTube Channel. We feature a variety of short videos that you may find very interesting–particularly if you’re […]

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Riding the Invisalign Wave – Month Four

Taquana “Tabby” Sears, a Charlotte Dentistry patient, has agreed to share her Invisalign experience with us on a regular basis.  For the last several months, she’s given us reports on how she’s doing with Invisalign, including ups and downs.  Below is her latest blog entry. This week […]

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Good Habits Start Early

Getting your child on the right dental care path early can pay off big over his or her lifetime. And there are a good number of resources to assist you. We came across this excellent video from WedMD that discusses teaching your toddler how to brush. It’s […]

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A Key To Your Smile. . .

Business trainers, sports coaches as well as financial planners have long known that the difference between reaching a goal or not is to simply write it down.  Those who put their plans to paper have a significantly greater chance of accomplishing their goals. The same can be […]

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