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Practice Announcement

Charlotte Dentistry is proud to welcome Rebecca Bradley to our practice.  She will begin on Thursday, June 1st. She will be graduating from UNC – Chapel Hill School of Dentistry in May of this year. Becca was born & raised most of her life in the hills of […]

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The Amazing World of Insects

A brief look at just a few of these amazing creatures might well convince you that insects deserve your respect. Masters of Flight, Marvels of Sight Many insects are masters of flight. For example, mosquitoes can fly upside down. Some can even fly through the rain without […]

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Genetically Modified Food—Is It Safe for You?

Depending on where you live, you may have had some genetically modified (GM) food in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner today. According to one report, “by 1998, 25 percent of corn, 38 percent of soybeans, and 45 percent of cotton grown in the United States were genetically […]

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Stopping the Progression of Gum Disease

It’s estimated that nearly half of all Americans have some form of gum disease. Gum disease is progressive—once it starts, it requires treatment to stop it from advancing. Gum disease can range from mild to severe. If left untreated, the disease can eventually cost you your smile. […]

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Let’s Kick Some Butt!

Do I have your attention? I don’t want this blog to be about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Unless you live in a cave you know smoking cigarettes can kill you. Not to mention stain your teeth and cause your breath to smell like a dirty wet […]

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Rowing to Death

Crowds stare as the French king’s newly commissioned galley leaves the Mediterranean port of Marseilles. It is one of the most beautiful ships ever to sail the seas. Intricate carvings as well as lavish gold and pearl ornamentation grace the stern. The finest weaved cloths add regal […]

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May is Family Month

National Family Month is a five-week period between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and places focus on the parents as the most influential people and support system for their children. It coincides with the end of most school years when family vacations start, and they spend more […]

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Why so few seniors see the dentist

No one really likes sitting in the dentist’s chair. It could mean hours spent getting a root canal, having cavities drilled and filled, and getting implants or even gum surgery. But if you’re nearing age 65, it may be time to push those concerns aside. Otherwise be […]

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Family Wellness Month

Ok, I’ll admit it; we are inundated with National Holidays. I’m not talking about the major holidays like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving, but some of these national days of recognition I think may have gone too far. For example, in the month of May, we celebrate Lumpy […]

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Don’t Let Gum Disease Kill You

By now, most of us know that gum disease is linked with heart disease. But if that’s not enough to get your attention, how about this—new evidence shows that if you have gum disease, you may be more likely to get serious autoimmune diseases and cancer. Did […]

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