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Oral Cancer Screenings in Charlotte, NC


Oral Cancer Screenings Charlotte, NC

Oral Cancer Screenings

Cancer in the oral cavity and the throat accounts for a significant number of deaths in the United States each year, and the symptoms are subtle and often in the early stages, unnoticeable. For this reason, you dentist may recommend seeking a semi-regular oral cancer screening.

Because screening takes place before the patient notices any symptoms, it is extremely effective at catching oral cancer cases before they become severe and difficult to treat.

Preventative actions are typically more effective than those in response to symptoms; when a screening occurs, your dentist will make sure your mouth is clean, well lit and mostly dry, and look for abnormal spots or discolored areas on your throat and gums as well as throughout your mouth.

When they occur every few years, oral cancer screenings:

  • Prevent advanced forms of cancer
  • Are easy, and quick
  • May lead to more tests if abnormalities are found

Cancer of the oral cavity can result in difficulty chewing, speaking and eating, as well as significant deformation, psychological burden, and death. It’s crucial to receiver screenings to prevent these ill effects.

Charlotte Dentistry™ offers reliable and professional oral cancer screenings to all our patients that request it. Contact us today for a no charge assessment and see if an oral cancer screening is right for you.

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