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Tooth Colored Fillings in Charlotte, NC


Tooth Colored Filling Charlotte Dentistry

The Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

When you need a filling, you might have some reservations about having an unsightly metal spot on the face of the affected tooth, and for good reason. The consistency of your smile is negatively affected by the sometimes highly-visible silver spot that a standard filling presents.

Thankfully, you now have options when it comes to choosing a filling material. Tooth colored, composite fillings can be colored to be an exact match for your teeth, reducing the chance of presenting an inconsistency in your mouth.

Tooth colored fillings are:

  • Best suited for small to medium sized cavities
  • Durable enough to withstand moderate pressure from chewing
  • Now used more often than gold or amalgam materials

charlotte nc tooth colored fillings

Composite fillings are the logical option for dental patients that desire a more natural look to the way their fillings fit in with their smile. These tooth colored options are an option that makes sense both cosmetically and for the health of your teeth. Charlotte Dentistry ™© offers you the option of using the filling material that works best for you.

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