Teen Invisalign in Charlotte

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Reasons to choose Charlotte Dentistry®

Invisalign can give your teen all the benefits of braces without the difficulties.

  • Straight teeth
  • A Bright Smile
  • Self-confidence

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Teen Invisalign® Advantages Disadvantages of Braces
Teen Invisalign® is hardly noticeable. Teens can be self-conscious.
Invisalign’s® smooth plastic won’t pinch or tear your teen’s gums or cheeks. Braces can be painful, with their sharp metal poking and scratching.
With Invisalign® your teen can care for their teeth without any difficulty because they are easily removed. It can be hard to brush and floss with braces.
Since Invisalign® is removable, your teen doesn’t have to worry about damaging anything by what they eat.Invisalign® can be removed for special occasions. Braces limit the foods they can eat.

Additionally Charlotte Dentistry® offers 24 month, no interest financing on teen Invisalign®.

VIP Diamond Plus Provider for Teen Invisalign®

Charlotte Dentistry knows you want to give your teen all the best- even if they don’t see it right now. Give your teen the confidence that comes with a straight smile and the security they can find in freedom from self-consciousness with Invisalign®. Your teen can have all this without the pain and restrictions from braces.

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