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Our Porcelain Laboratory


Our Very Own Porcelain Lab

Great Skill is Required in the Design of A Smile

Charlotte Dentistry’s® state of the art on-site dental laboratory allows us to artistically fabricate our own porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants as well as dentures and partials. Using industry standards and the finest quality metal-free materials, we produce results that fit your smile beautifully and naturally.

Each cosmetic dentistry restoration is a custom work of art crafted to match your face, personality and smile – and is created in our state of the art on-site porcelain dental laboratory by highly skilled master ceramists.

Treat Yourself to a Successful and Bright Smile

Many dental offices mail your impressions all over the country to create their porcelain prosthetics, thus the ceramist never sees the patient in person and may not be able to provide an ultimate result due to a lack of clear communication.

In Charlotte Dentistry’s® own state of the art on-site porcelain dental lab, our dentists are able to demonstrate first-hand to our technicians how they want a patient’s tooth shape and color to accomplish the look and results they expect. Ordinary cosmetic dental laboratories just simply do not possess the expertise and knowledge, or hands-on care and communication you’ll receive at Charlotte Dentistry®.

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